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Mannequin Sizing Guidelines


Selection of MannequinTM size

Selection of MannequinTM size is determined by multiplying body surface area by a conversion factor of 50 to 60 milliliters per square meter.* The degree of dilatation present in the basal portion of the left ventricle pre-operatively determines the conversion factor to be used.
Click here for a printable copy of the Mannequin Sizing Guidelines.
The following guidelines may assist the clinical team in selecting the appropriate Mannequin size for each individual patient.
  1. Determine Body Surface Area (BSA).
  2. Assess the degree of dilatation present in the base of the left ventricle at end-diastole. Measure above papillary muscles and below mitral valve.
  3. Use the following guidelines to calculate Mannequin size.

Body Surface Area (BSA) Calculator (DuBois)

BSA Result:

If the base of the left ventricle is ...Use this conversion factor ...
Non-dilatedBSA x 50 ml/m2
Moderately dilatedBSA x 55 ml/m2
Grossly dilated (tenting of mitral valve present)BSA x 60 ml/m2
Note: If diameter of LV base at end-diastole is greater than 55 mm, use 60 ml/m2 conversion factor.

Quick Reference Chart:

BSAMannequin size based on conversion factor of...
50 ml/m255 ml/m260 ml/m2

* M Di Donato, A Frigiola, M Benhamouda, L Menicanti. Safety and Efficacy of Surgical Ventricular Restoration in Unstable Patients With Recent Anterior Myocardial Infarction. Circulation. 2004:110:II-169–II-173.

These formulas are intended as a guide. Selection of the proper Mannequin is the responsibility of the medical professional.

Body Surface Area (BSA) Calculator (DuBois)

BSA Result:

Assessing Basal Dilatation:
Examples of Non-dilated and Dilated Base

Non-Dilated Base

Dilated Base

Mannequin Product Codes

Product CodeDescriptionUnits per Case
SVC—0080SSVR System with 80cc Mannequin, without patch1
SVC—0085SSVR System with 85cc Mannequin, without patch1
SVC—0090SSVR System with 90cc Mannequin, without patch1
SVC—0100SSVR System with 100cc Mannequin, without patch1
SVC—0110SSVR System with 110cc Mannequin, without patch1
SVC—0120SSVR System with 120cc Mannequin, without patch1
SVC—0130SSVR System with 130cc Mannequin, without patch1
SVC—0140SSVR System with 140cc Mannequin, without patch1
SVC—0150SSVR System with 150cc Mannequin, without patch1