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Cardiac Surgery

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Mechanical Stabilization

TRIPOD™ Mechanical Stabilizers


The Only Choice Available in Disposable Mechanical Stabilization

Access. Stability. Precision.

The Tripod™ Heart Stabilizers from Chase Medical are the only choice available in disposable mechanical stabilization, using light compression to restrict heart motion during beating heart surgeries. Surgeons who prefer mechanical stabilization can experience the same access, stability and precision provided by the Viper I and Viper II series stabilizers.

Featuring a strong, stainless steel arm, Tripod mechanical stabilizers are available in two arm lengths and multiple footpad options. Surgeons may choose from the SurTred nylon or light metal knurled compositions, with or without occluder clips.

The Tripod Heart Stabilizers are used with the Chase Medical FasTract Sternal Retractor.


  • Low-profile SurTred compression footplates stabilize the target vessel
  • Swivel footplates enable secondary exposure of anastomotic site
  • Optional integrated occluders improve bloodless operative field
  • Laterally positioned flexible arm joint optimizes working access
  • Stainless steel arm, available in two lengths, enhances strength, stability and a vertical drop into the operative field
  • Single knob allows easy stabilizer placement, with one-handed mounting to the Chase FasTract Sternal Retractor
Product CodeDescriptionU/M
STB-30C4STRIPOD Heart Stabilizer, SurTred Nylon Footpads1
STB-30C4S-C03TRIPOD Heart Stabilizer, SurTred Nylon Footpads, Extended Arm (+2cm)1
STB-30C6STRIPOD Heart Stabilizer, SurTred Light Metal Knurled Footpads1
STB-30C6S-CO2TRIPOD Heart Stabilizer, SurTred Light Metal Knurled Footpads, Extended Arm (+2cm )1
STO-30C4STRIPOD Heart Stabilizer, SurTred Nylon Footpads, Occluder Clips1
STO-30C6STRIPOD Heart Stabilizer, SurTred Light Metal Knurled Footpads, Occluder Clips1