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A Closer Look at the TRIUMPH™ Soft Occlusion Aortic Cannula System (PDF)

How to Order the TRIUMPH™ Soft Occlusion Aortic Cannula System

Triumph SystemTRIUMPH™ Soft Occlusion Aortic Cannula System

Reduce Potential Neurologic Complications through Soft Occlusion Aortic Cannulation

The TRIUMPH Soft Occlusion Aortic Cannula is designed for use during any arrested heart procedure where it is optimal to eliminate the potentially traumatic use of a cross clamp. Its disc-shaped and angled balloon gently occludes the aorta with minimal disruption of existing plaque that could cause post-operative neurological complications.  

The TRIUMPH multi-lumen system gently occludes the aorta while simultaneously and efficiently facilitating the delivery of oxygenated blood from cardiopulmonary bypass.

The device is ideal for use in all traditional cardiac surgery procedures. It is especially useful in the management of patients presenting with highly fragile or heavily calcified aortas. The TRIUMPH is also ideal for use in limited access, minimally invasive cardiac surgery, as well as redo procedures.

The TRIUMPH incorporates a unique, proprietary, atraumatic angled balloon shaped like a disc, which allows the device to be inserted optimally, avoiding possible occlusion of the innominate artery and provides for increased area to perform proximal anastomotic placements.

TRIUMPH Benefits for Minimally Invasive Valve Procedures

For minimally invasive mitral valve patients, there is considerable risk with traditional arterial return.  A known risk of stroke is associated with retrograde arterial flow as blood flowing “upstream” has a greater likelihood of dislodging plaque and causing complications–including stroke or possibly death.

TRIUMPH offers a number of benefits for such patients:

  • Antegrade Arterial Return.
  • No Femoral Artery Access required. No extra incision needed for femoral arterial return
  • Efficient use of space in thoracotomy.
  • Eliminates need for cross clamp.

TRIUMPH Features

  • Eliminates the potential traumatic use of a cross clamp.
  • Helps limit disruption of plaque that could potentially increase post-operative neurologic complications.
  • Ideal for use in all traditional cardiac surgery, redo and minimally invasive procedures.
  • Proprietary balloon technology gently conforms to and occludes the aorta with a unique disc shape.
  • Optimizes access for proximal anastomosis.
  • Avoids potential occlusion of innominate artery.
  • Thin-wall shaft design provides for optimal perfusion characteristics.

Patents US 6068608, US 6132397 and additional patents issued.




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