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Chase Medical is a privately held medical device company, based in the United States, dedicated to the field of cardiac surgery. For the past 15 years, Chase Medical has been developing and marketing  devices  specifically for cardiac surgeons.    Today, we continue to work closely with cardiac surgeons and clinicians to innovate and aid in the quest for improved outcomes for patients with advanced cardiovascular disease.  At Chase, our sole mission is to invest in the future of cardiac surgery, to dedicate our resources to improving the tools for cardiac surgery and to allow hospitals to make cost effective choices while providing excellence in care for patients.    

Innovative Products for Cardiac Surgeons

Our team started developing innovative tools for cardiac surgery during the late 1980s. We continue to work with surgeons and clinicians to improve the devices used in cardiac surgery.

Chase Medical continues to invest in the future of cardiac surgery. Everything we do helps cardiac surgeons save lives and improve quality of life for patients with advanced cardiovascular disease.

Our proprietary solutions include…

  • Off-pump surgery solutions. Chase Medical offers a full line of beating heart surgical products for use in off-pump or minimally invasive procedures, including Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG). Our devices include vacuum stabilization, apical positioners, blower misters, shunts, and more.
  • An innovative stroke prevention system. Useful for any cardiac surgical procedures that require bypass, including minimally invasive procedures and open sternotomies, this cannula system eliminates the potentially traumatic use of a cross clamp. The TRIUMPH cannula is especially useful in the management of patients presenting with highly fragile or calcified aortas.

Clinicians with access to cardiac MRI should be aware that Compass cardiac MRI post processing software contains an SVR module designed to provide appropriate patient selection information for this procedure.

Chase Medical continues to sponsor advanced training in the US and internationally for surgeons studying the SVR procedure. How to get onto the invitation list for the next SVR training session.




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